Founded in 2003

The Research Intelligence Unit (RIU) was originally established on the basis of addressing a need to overcome strategic weaknesses and vision constraints that have cowed growth in developing countries, local governments and other institutions around the globe. Maintaining a strong focus from the onset, the organization has been on a steady growth path, building resources and extending networks to cover the private and non-governmental sectors in both developed and developing economies.

Forward thinking and innovative, the RIU uses a mix of local and international resources to bring innovative perspectives to provide solutions for economic problems and keep decision makers informed. A multi-party approach where imported technical expertise is combined with local knowledge, wisdom and skill has proved to be a triumphant strategy in a developing economy context. Being flexible in method and committed to achieving results, RIU continues to deliver multifarious products to the very highest global standards to development insitutions, national and local governments as well as the private sector.

Based in London with its regional office in Colombo, RIU maintains strong institutional and resource links with its offices and associate organizations around the world.

Members of our Advisory Board

Mr. Roshan Madawela

Ms. Melanie Wijesinghe

Sir Peter Heap

Dr. Anil Beddevithana

Mr. Zahid Hossain

Mr. William Rezel

Mr. Ahmed Badawi

Department Heads

Research Division:

Onila Wickramasinghe

Real-estate Division:

Malinga Goonethileke


Niflan Nahas

Agriculture Division:

Prof. William. S. Feelgood

Creative Design:

Malin Pradeep De Silva

Research Team

Suneth Viduranga

Ilma Fareez

Sinali Sankalya