Welcome to RIU

RIU, a company with a global presence having its offices in London, Colombo and Maldives and projects and operations in several countries including India, Myanmar, Thailand, Bangladesh and Hong Kong. Over the past fifteen years, the RIU has established itself as the premier research and consultancy firm for many of the top corporations in the U.K, Sri Lanka, Maldives and in many of the major cities in Asia. Our pioneering market intelligence gathering in emerging economies, particularly in Asia, has served to position the company on the highest plateau for the quality and delivery of knowledge-based products. For instance, in 2015, RIU became the first to launch a comprehensive country report on the Maldives real estate market which was based entirely on our own primary research.

Whilst taking pride in the fact that we are a multi-sectoral research house, there are several industries and markets where we are recognized as leaders and have been given due recognition as an award-winning research firm. These include the health sector, finance and banking, Islamic finance and construction and real estate.

For example, our track record in the real estate sector is second to none and covers a large number of well-reputed international clients, including Fortune 500 companies. Well into the 2nd decade of operations, RIU continues to provide valuable and accurate market intelligence for its international client base and in Asia, we are recognized as a market leader in many sectors and continue to advise the top corporations and developers.

In all our projects, the RIU helps to promote financial transparency, good governance and sustainability reporting that ensures compliance with the high standards maintained by the large corporations and international development partners with whom we work.

Our approach has always won acclaim for utilizing both local and international expertise to deliver outputs that always exceed our client’s expectations.

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